While progression towards modernity is essential for a country to improve its standard of living, our people would still like to adhere to their stone age ideologies. As women continue to be curbed, judged and slammed for choosing liberty, freedom, and independence, we have another ridiculous tweet on the men-women binary that reeks of misogyny. Apparently, a retired Colonel has problems with ‘modern girls’ for committing SACRILEGE by not giving good food & sex to their husbands.


So men get married for these very reasons, but women? Oof! I forgot that does not even matter. You see, women are unpaid labour in a patriarchal household that operates on the mentality mirrored in the tweet above.

Men marry for good sex cos who’d take them as bachelors when they are such doofuses with shallow male egos. And good food cos obviously their privileged and entitled self opines kitchen is a woman’s job. And lastly, we all know how desis, collectively, have a problematic trajectory with house helps. They pay them in meagres and think as if they own them.

Unsurprisingly, and rightly so, Twitter is outraged by this questionable tweet. Here’s what people are saying.

WORD: Women are not baby-making machines. Some of us don’t even wish to birth kids. It’s all a matter of personal choice and not whatever these ‘men’ construe it to be. It’s our body, our choice. Who are you?

Apparently, yes!


The sanctity of your profession doesn’t compensate for a rotten mindset. This is problematic on all levels. PERIOD.

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