When athletes, gymnasts, swimmers and other sportspeople gather for a mammoth event such as the Olympics, one would expect it to be a fair game about sports, and sports alone. But the sexist games that some people are playing at the Rio Olympics are disappointing to say the least. 

While the Olympians are busy putting their sweat and blood into their game, commentators and some media people are busy pointing out who’s a woman and who’s a man. Unfortunately, the Rio Olympics have officially become a resting place for sexist, misogynistic men.

It’s just been 4 days since the games began and there have already been a dozen of ridiculously sexist things that have been said and done. 

Here are some of them: 

1. Chicago Tribune tweeted the picture of two-time Olympic bronze medal winner Corey Cogdell and described her as ‘Wife of a Bears’ Lineman’. 

After people schooled Chicago Tribune left, right and centre, they did rectify their mistake but are we still living in the 17th century where our achievements are recognised by way of our husbands? 

2. When three-time World Champion Simone Biles flew high over the bars and landed perfectly, NBC commentator said, “I think she might even go higher than some of the men.”

Why is it that we need to use a man as a reference to determine how good a woman has done?


3. When Katinka Hosszu shattered the world record in the 400-medley, an NBC commentator gave credit to her husband slash coach, without even a stutter. 

Even if her husband trained her, giving him the sole credit for all the strokes she made in the Olympian swimming pool clearly reeks of sexism. 


4. Katie Ledecky trashed her own record by two full seconds and all a former Olympian, Connor Jaeger had to say was: “Her stroke is like a man’s stroke. I mean that in a positive way. She swims like a man.” 

Wow, we really had no clue that men and women swim differently. 


5. While the US women’s gymnast team was busy slaying and clicking pictures after their victory, an NBC commentator yet again had an epiphany and said, “they might as well be standing in the middle of a mall”. 

Seems like NBC is full of misogynistic men. Can we really blame them for their peanut-sized brains?


6. Daily Mail reported that the opening ceremony will be the ‘sexiest’ in the history of Olympics opening ceremonies ever. 

“There will be lots of nearly naked women doing the samba,” a source connected with the show said. “The costumes have been designed to show off as much flesh as possible which means as little material as they can get away with.”

Are you kidding me?


7. Dana Vollmer had a baby 15 months ago, and people haven’t stopped touting her as the “first woman to win a medal after having a baby”. 

We are sure that she is a proud mother but on the Olympic field, she is just another competitor. Why do we need to refer to women as mothers, daughters or wives when they are their own person! 


8. When Majlinda Kelmendi put Kosovo on the International map with a gold medal in Judo, a BBC commentator was just too busy calling the Judo match a ‘catfight’. 

All it took were 2 seconds to reduce a professional match to nothing but a catfight to show how frivolous women’s fights are. 


9. NBC marketing officer John Miller said:

“More women watch the games than men, and for the women, they’re less interested in the result and more interested in the journey. It’s sort of like the ultimate reality show and miniseries wrapped into one.”

Oh yes, because we women hate sports. We watch Olympics only in the hope of watching half-naked sweaty men.

Wow NBC, you’re all a bunch of good ol’ sexist men from the pre-historic era, if they’ll have you, that is.


Can we please make sensibility, sensitivity and common sense prerequisites for such people and such jobs?