It’s inspiring to see people achieve the impossible, and Sangeeta’s journey is a perfect reminder to hang in there a little more to live our dreams. 

This woman from Mumbai started selling rotis, then she opened a tiffin service (popular in Mumbai). But Sangeeta always dreamed of opening her own restaurant in Mumbai. Let’s find out how she achieved it.

Sangeeta’s kitchen was started with just INR 2500, as Sangeeta and her husband didn’t have enough financial capital at that time. But this didn’t stop them from achieving their dream. 

The journey of Sangeeta’s kitchen began 4 years ago with the support of their friends. Later, with the earnings from the restaurant, they managed to pay back the loans. 

Sangeeta worked really hard to make her kitchen a huge success. She even suffered major burns on her hands and legs in her restaurant. But this didn’t stop her from working towards her dream. 

The restaurant has a variety of thali for you to enjoy and indeed, it looks delicious. The video was shared by Swad Official on YouTube and has garnered  more than 144K views and 5K likes.

You can watch the full video here:

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