Hi guys. It’s September 27, 2017, and today, we are going to talk about the judgement in Saudi Arabia that has allowed its women to drive. King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud finally issued a royal decree that gave women drivers a go-ahead in the kingdom. 

A “historic” moment in the country, Saudi Arabia has become the last country to allow women to drive.


The reason women were not allowed to drive was because “it might harm their ovaries.” 

This is just one of the things women have been finally allowed to do in Saudi Arabia. 

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There are numerous other things that they’re still not allowed to do because the men of the country think they’re too womanly to do these things. 

Here are some of the other things women in Saudi Arabia are still not allowed to do:

1. All females must have a legal male guardian. 

The existence of women without a male guardian is looked down upon with a copious amount of disgust. Not only that, in order for women to obtain a passport, a visa or even to open a bank account, a man needs to give permission. 


2. Women aren’t allowed to wear clothes that show their beauty. 

All women, local and foreign, have to wear abayas at all times. While the face does not always has to be covered, there are strict rules on how much skin they can show and how much makeup they’re allowed to put. 


3. Interaction with men is off-limits. 

Yes, the women can finally drive but this policy will not be implemented anytime soon because the police officials (mostly men) do not know how to interact with women drivers. In fact, most public buildings like banks and offices have separate entries for different sexes. 


4. Women aren’t allowed to use gyms or swimming pools. 

Definitely, not the public ones. According to Arlene Getz, in her article for Reuters, she wasn’t allowed to use the swimming pool because men were swimming in their swimsuits. In addition to this unwarranted embarrassment, she had to go to the front desk and ask for the “makeup room” (that’s what they call gyms for women) to access a treadmill. 


5. Competing in sports is looked down upon and considered sacrilegious. 

While Saudi Arabia did allow two female athletes to take part in the London Olympics, women are not allowed to practice sports freely in the country. The local clerics weren’t too happy about it and they were called prostitutes for representing their country on a global level. What’s more? Well, women are required to have a male guardian’s permission, and of course, to keep their head covered at all times. 


6. Entry to a cemetery is restricted for women.

If you’re a woman and want to visit a dead relative in the cemetery, it ain’t going to happen. According to Vanity Fair’s A Girl’s Guide To Saudi Arabi, you got to be dead to have access to the cemetery. 


7. You cannot try the clothes you’re buying. 

If you want to buy a really nice dress in Saudi Arabia and are looking for a changing room, you might not find one. The idea of a woman disrobing, even behind a closed door or curtain, is appalling for men. Therefore, men decided that women shouldn’t be trying clothes at all. 


While we should definitely celebrate this singular victory, let’s not forget that women are still treated as second-class citizens in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

It’s not a change that can come overnight, but it’s a change that needs to arrive swiftly.