Thanks to patriarchy and general unrealistic expectations, people often end up asking you things that they have no place to know. And more often than not, they do not get the signal that you may be uncomfortable. So we came up with sarcastic answers to the everyday out-of-line question, we hope they help.

1. Shaadi karlo, umar nikli ja rahi hai. 

Shaadi karke kaun si ruk jaegi? 

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2. Bachche kar lo 30 se pehle.

Why? Does the reproductive system crash after 30? 

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3. Are you able to make round chapatis?

I burned popcorn last night.

answers to weird questions
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4. You live all by yourself?

Yes, my boyfriend isn't ready to move in yet. 

Answers to offensive questions
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5. You're so skinny, don't you eat?

No, mujhe bhookh se marne ka shauq hai.

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6. Itna chota top pehnogi?

Isse bhi chota hai, woh nikalun?

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7. You should learn to sacrifice.

Yes, I am sacrificing my sanity to talk to you.

savage answers to offensive questions
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8. Tum job karti ho toh khaana kaun banata hai?

Husband. You should come for dinner some time.

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9. Iss time pe bahar jaaogi?

Haan thoda jaldi hai na?

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10. Can you look after a family?

I couldn't even look after a plant, so...

savage responses
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There you go.