For the longest time, women have been expected to fit into a carefully-crafted mould, and if they don’t, they are immediately labeled masculine, bitchy or not ladylike. 

But the fact is, there are many facets to a woman’s personality, irrespective of the image the society may want a woman to conform to. Something that tennis star Serena Williams proudly exclaims in a latest advertisement for Nike.

The brief ad, titled ‘Until We All Win’, is a kaleidoscope of Serena’s shots of playing the sport she excels at, with her voice in the background claiming how she’s ‘never been the right kind of woman’, till she proved that ‘there is no wrong way to be a woman’.

The ad is beautiful, powerful and presents a clear message – being a woman does not hold you to a particular image or standard, because being a woman is biological, but what you do as a woman is your choice. 

You can watch the ad here.