The media at large is obsessed with 3 things when it comes to women celebrities: What they think about the men in their lives, what they think about their looks, and what they think about feminism depriving men of their rights. It’s truly an unfortunate thing that they have to go through the experience of answering such questions, but well. Thankfully, there are numerous instances of these achievers shutting down sexist question-askers, and here are some instances of the same.

1. This reporter asked Parineeti Chopra, or rather made a remark because we really can’t figure what the question was, that girls “like sex” when they are young, and then when they get older, “start screaming and shouting”. Good on Parineeti for giving it back to him.

When girls are young, they enjoy it (sex) and when they get old, they start screaming and shouting and say men exploit them.

2. A journalist asked Anushka Sharma if she will give up on her career in real life also, just like her character in the movie Sultan?

Will you give up on your career for love like your character in Sultan?

3. When Priyanka Chopra was asked about her friendship with “Prince Harry’s girlfriend” Meghan Markle. Priyanka corrected her, obviously.

4. When Bhupendra Chaubey was an absolute disgrace and made this offensive statement to Sunny Leone.

I’m wondering whether I am being morally corrupted because I am interviewing you. 

5. When a journalist asked Priyanka Chopra the following question on women hitting a man who eve teases her. “Abuse” is the word he used for that.

If you are a feminist, why not defend the man who gets slapped by a woman for eve-teasing? Isn’t slapping a man a sort of abuse on him?

6. Not really a question but certainly an awkward interview moment when the camera panned down Cate Blanchett’s body to show her dress, while she was talking. To which she asked, “Do you do that to men?”.

7. When Kiera Knightley was asked how she is going to balance her career as an actor and her married life, during an interaction with the press.

8. On similar lines, when Rajdeep Sardesai asked Sania Mirza when she is planning to “get settled”, hinting at pregnancy. To this, asked him why does he think being the world number is not “settled enough”. 

Rajdeep apologised for the same immediately.

9. When Mithali Raj was asked who her favourite male cricketer is, and she rightly answered with another question, “Do you ask male cricketers who their favourite female cricketer is?”/

10. When Anushka Sharma was asked who she missed while shooting for a romantic song in Jab Harry Met Sejal.

Twitter/Anushka Sharma

These achievers deserve better. Women deserve better.