Last August, US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave an iconic speech. This was after her colleague, Rep. Ted Yoho, called her a ‘b*itch’. 

In her address, she touched upon a lot of things. For instance, the qualities which actually make someone a ‘decent man’, the danger of half-hearted ‘apologies’, and the fact that she, sadly, had witnessed this kind of sexism before. 

Since then, AOC has made a historic victory, and it was reportedly she told Yoho that if he behaves like this again, ‘she won’t be so nice’. Now, this entire incident something most women can relate to. Sometimes subtly and sometimes not, discrimination makes its way into their professional careers, often leaving one helpless and angry. Here are some statements, made while talking to women professionals, which prove the same.

1. She is such a b*tch. 

A classic. 

If you have been working for a while, chances are high that you must have heard this word being used for a woman with authority at least once.

It’s usually while exiting from meetings: ‘What a b*tch, does she not know how the work is done?’

Or, in the cafeteria as a part of a casual chat: ‘This is the first break I am taking in 2 hours, the b*tch won’t let me’.

This is way too common and really disturbing.


2. She is too bossy. 

Bossy is the male equivalent of ‘strict’. 

Most people find it tough to take orders from a woman; and God forbid if she turns out to be particular about how the tasks should be done…unimaginable!


3. She must have slept with the boss. 

Because how else can a woman get a promotion?

‘Okay if not that, there must have been some fling. I have seen her flirting with the higher ups.’


4. She has to have taken help from some guy. 

The idea that a woman can do something on her from scratch is too difficult for a lot of people to believe. So automatically, they start suggesting that she must have gotten some help, you know? Even ‘tricked’ people into doing her work.


5. Will you be able to do this alone?

This is usually a very subtle statement at the end of a big announcement or task allocation. The message here is clear: ‘I doubt you will be able to do this alone.


6. Do you have kids?

This is a question women are asked blatantly during interviews at so many companies. 


‘What if she has kids and needs to attend to them during work hours? She is the mother, after all. They are her responsibility.’


7. You will get such a long leave during pregnancy. I am so envious.

You are envious. Right! Makes sense, since this whole birth-giving process is basically a cakewalk. It’s like being on a vacation with no physical and emotional challenges. Why would you not be envious?


8. What’s up with that skirt? Isn’t it too short?

You’d think that this won’t happen at a work place. People know their boundaries after all. Well, guess what…

Ali Express

9. Wait, I’ll explain this to you.

This is one of the ways in which the supposed idea of intellectual superiority in men manifests itself.  The other being, cutting women off, or saying something what they already have. 


10. You’re overreacting. Are you on your periods?

Two things: 

1. Just because a woman is angry/irritated, doesn’t mean she is on her periods. 

2. If someone is actually on their periods, instead of passing strange remarks, you should be thankful that they have come to work when they are presumably in a lot of pain, discomfort.


This is a cultural issue and it needs to be fixed, because you know what? Women have to fight patriarchy at literally every place. We can do with one less.