Finding a house to rent is an exhausting process, especially if you are single. And god help you, if you are a woman on top of that. Landlords, especially Indian landlords have a weird obsession with renting out houses to married people only. 

But that is where this story becomes worse. Bharathy Singaravel, a journalist with The News Minute shared her ordeal while trying to find a house in Chennai. 

Yup, this man, an advocate had a problem because he was a bachelor (surprise surprise) and Bhrathy was a single woman. Like bro, if you have a problem, stay hidden in your own house or something. Unfortunately, the landlord actually took his word and…

People have been reacting to the series of tweets talking about just how stupid and exhausting house hunting becomes when you are faced with morons. 

Jesus Christ, this is just harassment. Like someone mentioned in one of the above tweets, in a civilised society, the man would have been asked to vacate the apartment.