Some people are the epitome of inspiration. They light the way for the rest of us and show us that sometimes even if the odds are stacked against us, we can in fact, make it through. 

And, Shivangi Goyal of Pilkhuwa, Hapur is an excellent example of just this. Goyal cracked UPSC and secured 177th rank despite having to fight her way through domestic violence. 

India Today

Goyal says she wanted to crack UPSC even before getting married, in fact, she attempted the exam twice before, but could not clear it. 

And unfortunately, after getting married, she experienced domestic violence by her in-laws. But that clearly did not stop Ms Shivangi. She moved back in with her parents and decided to give her dreams another chance. 

I want to give a message to those married women in society that if anything wrong happens to them at their in-laws’ house, they should not be afraid. Show them that you can stand on your own feet. Women can do anything they want. If you study well and work hard, you can become an IAS.

-Shivangi Goyal told India Today

Amar Ujala

Goyal credits her success to her parents and 7-year-old daughter Raina. And says that this was a dream of hers since her school days! 

We’re so happy for her! By taking a stand for herself, she’s provided so many women around her the inspiration and motivation to do the same.