Even if women are speaking up about a variety of issues, there are some that do not get the deserved attention. For instance, contraception. 

It is not spoken about much because it tends to steer towards the sensitive and personal. But that is exactly what make it such an important issue. And comments like “yaar yeh lagane mein naa pura mazaa kharab ho jata hain” and “ek goli toh khaani hain subaah, kha lena!” from spouses and partners are never innocuous. And before one knows it, the woman gives in because if things get undesirable then that ek goli can be had in the morning. 

But someone is calling that out. This short film by Anaam Mishra, posted on Facebook by Sagar Desai, ventures into that (un)disputed territory and says something that needed to be said.

Ladies, do speak up because you have an equal say. That ek goli is your back-up plan if things go south, not the solution.