It isn’t uncommon for any of us to hear a woman being addressed as a ‘bitch’. Whether it’s the girl who breaks your heart, your female boss who chides you for not performing well or the female celebrity who’s caught in a scandal. Time and again, women have been addressed as a ‘bitch’ whenever they’ve done what we, especially men, didn’t want them to do. And women have always taken this word as the ultimate insult that could come their way. 

Not anymore!

In a powerful new video for Blush, actress, singer and songwriter Shruti Haasan has written and performed a monologue that talks to women, and men about being a ‘bitch’. 

She single-handedly thrashes down the so-called ‘insult’, urging women to take it in their stride as a compliment for their spirit and abilities to change the rules and defy the norms. 

Watch the powerful video here:

It’s time to be a ‘bitch’ and a proud one at that!