Is there anything women can’t do? Not really.

Eksha Hangma Subba from Sikkim is proof. A police officer and national level boxer, she recently made it to the top 9 contestants of the reality TV show, MTV Supermodel of the Year Season 2.

Recruited in Sikkim Police in 2019, Eksha always had a zeal for modelling. One of the panelists of the MTV show and actor, Malaika Arora, gave Eksha a standing ovation after her introduction.

She said:

These are women we need to salute.

Eksha was just 19 years old when she got selected to the Sikkim Police. She is currently serving as a police officer and loves doing her job.

Before this she was national level boxer. She loves riding bikes.

But she has a dream – a dream to become a supermodel and prove to the world that there’s nothing a woman cannot do.

She is indeed an inspiration for so many women wanting to step out of their comfort zones and don different roles.