We live in 2016 but women continue to be subjected to misogyny and objectification even to this day. Sadly, it’s not just by men, even fellow women don’t shy away from making shallow comments. What’s even more disturbing is that their true identity, accomplishments and hard work are completely nullified, and women are reduced to just a pretty face.

The male gaze follows them everywhere – our top actresses are hardly appreciated for their acting talent and more for how they sizzled the red carpet of some random award show, and it takes medals for our sportswomen to be treated equally. This time around, it’s Olympian and American gymnast Simone Biles who has been targeted by trolls.

After winning gold medals at the Rio Olympics, Team USA’s star gymnasts, Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and Madison Kocian, took a much-deserved break and headed to the beach. Having had a great time relaxing, Simone posted a picture with her two gymnast friends on Twitter displaying their well-toned bodies. 

Here’s what she posted on Twitter:

Indeed, those abs are unreal and deserve the appreciation they received from supportive women on Twitter:

And then came the troll. In a desperate attempt at getting attention, he tweeted something that was completely uncalled for. Although the tweet has since been removed, we managed to find a screenshot of it:


This is so much more than just one troll. It’s about the attitude that people have towards women. 

It is high time we realise that women do not exist to be an eye candy for men. They are so much more than what they look.

Masthead Image Source: health.com | Feature Image Source: Simone Biles