If you want to get rid of your double chin and get a chiseled jawline, then we are here to help. Here are 8 simple techniques that will help you get that perfect jawline.

1. Exercise your jaw to get rid of all the face fat and to firm up your skin. Click here to know jaw exercises. 

2. Smiling is not only considered to be a great mood enhancer, it is also a good exercise that isn't as strenuous as other exercises. So, smile often, if you want to tone up your face muscles.

3. The easiest way of exercising your facial muscles is by chewing some gum. It involves a lot of jaw movement that helps to sharpen your jawline, without putting in too much extra effort.

4. Practice chin lift exercises that will work your chin to shed excess fat. Click here to know how.

5. Make a fish face by sucking your cheeks inside your mouth. This will help you tone up your face muscles.

6. Massaging your face will help your skin become tighter. This is also a great way of increasing blood circulation. Click here to know how.

7. Clenching your jaw for 10 seconds and then releasing it will tone your face.

8. Eating too much salt can affect the skin and promote bloating so avoid having too much salt.

Get that smart-looking chiseled jawline that you have always wanted.