Chinmayi Sripaada, the famous South Indian playback singer took to Twitter after she witnessed the brutal aftermath of the Hyderabad rape case. 


She started a thread that compiles the disturbing, disgusting thoughts and ideology of men over the internet who try to give illogical reasons for what causes rape. 


While most of the screenshots were in either English or Hindi, there were a few that were in Telugu and Chinmayi brought them to light by translating them: 

 Basically the ideas these men have given is – cooperate and offer condoms to prevent murder after rape, women’s organizations are the reason for rape. Rape is not heinous, murder is. 

Chinmayi further shared a series of comments and how this guy reacted to somebody telling him that he needs to see a psychiatrist. She translated the messages below as: 

More pearls of wisdom from the same man. If women accept his proposal there wont be rape. Because women are adamant bitches rape happens. 

She further showed disgust to these illogical and disturbing comments as she tweeted: 

She further revealed heartbreaking precautionary methods that families are forcing upon their daughter, just so that they can be safe.  

She further put her foot down and went on to discuss how important it was for social media accounts and meme pages to not glorify violent cases of rape in the form of “adult memes”. 

Twitter realised the borderline toxic and predatory behaviour of this man and was super furious: 

The way Chinmayi has used her social media platforms to call out people, spread awareness and make some very logical and relevant points, she should be an insipiration to all celebrities.