Among the many things a woman is misunderstood for, staying single is one of them. The fact that a woman chooses to have a career, be financially independent, or embrace her singlehood, irks many people in our society. 

But isn’t it great to build a life you love? And for heaven’s sake, being single doesn’t make you lonely, insecure, or a loser. Case in point: women on Reddit are sharing things people misunderstood about a single woman. 

1. “That I’ll die alone with no kids to take care of me. News flash: kids don’t always take care of their parents when they get elderly. That I must be lonely and have given up. Nope. I might meet someone someday, sure. But all I’ve ever wanted was a Ph.D. and a career. Dating just gets in the way of that.”


2. “I’ll never find someone because of my pride, independence, and ambition. Nope, those are the three things I am most proud of and embrace.”


3. “I’m aromantic. The fact that a woman is single by choice is baffling to others. I’m single because I want to be. I’m happy.”


4. “I definitely feel judged or like I’m not an ‘actual’ adult because I’ve never been married or had kids. Sometimes people have acted like I should just take what man comes along, or that I’m ‘so picky’ It’s annoying. Of course, I’d love to have a partner, but only if it’s a happy healthy relationship, which my last was not so that probably contributes to me having even higher standards now.”


5. “That I am hung up, or not over a serious ex since that was my last serious relationship. I’ve dated and put myself out there since but clearly haven’t found the right match for me right now. The truth is, I’m cautious as hell due to that last serious relationship. I won’t settle, and I’m picky about dating apps, and it’s rare I actually meet anyone off of them.”


6. “Married people want everyone to be married because it validates their choice. I’ve been with my partner for 8 years, but don’t want to get married. Some people don’t understand this. Before I met him, I already had a career, a graduate degree, and my own house. More than one person in my neighborhood asked me how I was able to buy that house all by myself. Like, WTF? Are we still in 1940?”


7. “That there is something inherently wrong with me, and it’s shocking I don’t have a man in my life. I’m asked why I’m not with somebody, and there’s also a general sense of pressure about it. A relationship is a lot of work that I just can’t do at this point in my life. I’ve only just moved out from my parents.”


8. “That I must be insecure about my looks, or that I must be suffering from trauma, or something like that. It’s especially insulting when people who find out that I’ve been single for the past 15 years try to give me diet advice or suggest that I try a sex therapist, or tell me how I can be more attractive to men.”


9. “My sister thinks I’m afraid of feelings because I don’t want to rely on a man the way she does. She says that “I need to put my heart out there more” for others to like me. I’m fine with a cat and my few close friends.”


10. “That I’m basically too tomboyish. I was told that I can’t act like that when going out with a guy. He won’t like a girl who acts like that or eats a whole buffet. Idk if they were joking or what, but I simply said in the most polite tone ‘too bad’. Other than that, I’ll enjoy my video games, my loudmouth, and my 12-inch foot-long sub sandwich. Thank you very much.”


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