Standup poetry is giving thousands of people a platform to convey their unique thoughts on various subjects to open-minded audiences. Most are met with cheers, some are dissed with boos. The idea is to just talk your heart out.

Speakers of all types and ages have been stepping up to share their experiences with us. A few are so convincingly good that they’re worthy of being shared with millions.


Like this guy, Sudeep Pagedar’s hard-hitting poetry at the Tuning Fork Café that impressed everyone in attendance. It’s about how being born with a penis automatically gave him rights and privileges that degrade the opposite gender.

After all, the worldwide phenomenon of patriarchy exists because of the almighty penis.

He openly confesses to abusing the ‘power’ at an earlier time. But now, he’s sick of living with the guilt. He wants to set things right once and for all. Hear his story and you’ll know. It’s great stuff.

This was a response to a poem recited earlier, called ‘A Brown Girl’s Guide To Gender’

Don’t miss it. It’ll be great to hear a man’s stance on the matter for once.