Women athletes being subjected to sexism isn't something new, but the internet keeps stooping to lower levels everyday and that is just disturbing.

In the latest of such instances, someone photoshopped India's star cricketer Smriti Mandhana's picture to a lighter version with more makeup, making the internet really furious. 

The before-after collage of the same picture was shared by a Twitter user named Chethana, who pointed how fucked up this entire thing is.

She also rightly pointed out that her looks, in this case or any, don't matter at all, so for anyone to suggest that she looks 'better' without makeup is wrong.

The collage soon started doing rounds on the internet and people seemed to resonate with Chethana's opinions.

We are going to enter a new decade in around a month and it's only disturbing how people are still stuck on centuries-old standards of beauty.