Remember Albina from Gully Boy? Umm… the girl who does gullu-gullu with Murad and has a fight with Safeena?

That’s Srishti Srivastava, a theater actor, a web series star, and an Amitabh Bachchan fan like the rest of us. Today, we look at her story. 

In a video uploaded on Josh Talks, Srishti says that she was 4 when she started acting after taking inspiration from her grandfather. However, she had to complete her college education before jumping into acting full time. 

Maine bharatnatyam seekha, khoob saara dance kiya, khoob saari performances ki aur college pahunch gayi kyunki padhai toh khatam karni hi thi. Hum thodi na directly aise ghus sakte hain.

Anyhow, she was in college itself when a director visited the campus and she ran after him to tell him that she wanted to be an actor. And he said that she should join theater. 

So she did and that is where she got a very important reality check. 

Drama school main gayi toh mujhe laga main star hun yaar. Main college mein har competition jeeti hun, maine college top kiya hai. I enter drama school and I meet 12 other people who are brilliant. Aur main ekdum last.

After a few setbacks, she picked herself up and was called by a casting director for an audition. Now, while she did not get that particular role, the audition opened the gate for her very first Girliyapa video Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun?

I get a call from Anmol Ahuja (casting director) saying “TVF ke yahan na audition chal raha hai, tu jayegi?” Maine kaha mere paas option thode na hai. Haan obviously jaaungi. 

The video, which currently has 16 million views, became an instant hit. So Srishti thought that her career is set now, but that didn’t happen. In fact, there was one audition she was shortlisted for but when she reached there, she was told she does not like “look like a model” and hence, should go back.

This really broke her but not nearly enough that she wouldn’t try again. And her courage was rewarded when she got selected for Gully Boy. It was a small part but thanks to her excellence, it stayed in people’s mind. 

After that point, she expected things to go smoothly, but again, that didn’t happen. She was rejected from a big role after bagging it through auditions.

So the lesson to take from her life as an actor is that there will never be a moment after which nothing will ever go wrong again. 

There will always be people who want to pull you back, there will always be circumstances not in your favour but your job is to pick yourself up and continue. That is the only known trick to succeed. 

You can watch the complete video here: