The Internet is a bizarre place, often funny, sometimes super morbid and mostly unexpectedly weird. It is also that corner where ALL the answers to ALL our problems ever can be found. For instance have you ever wondered how to start your own country? That answer can be found only in the darkest corners of the Internet. 

But if you are aiming for less than starting your own country and often turn to the interwebs for help on day-to-day survival, then you must join our club. Seriously. If you type in ‘how to’, the search engine will throw up so many suggestions you didn’t know you needed. 

So, while crawling all over the internet, looking for ways to attain good hair, the search engine threw up some hyper weird stuff. But it helped that they were dedicated hair connoisseurs who knew what they were talking about.  

1. Apply peanut butter for strong hair

If you are thinking this is bizarre and hardcore, that it because it is. Peanut butter has a kind of Vitamin E (who knew?!) called alpha-tocopherol which helps in strengthening hair follicles. Fret not, it will not be the thick paste that is the love of our lives; you can melt it to make a conditioner. You can also apply it in smoothie form, just add cocoa and protein powder!

2. Vaginal cream used to treat yeast infection is actually helpful in hair growth

True story. It might sound scary, even gross, but once you are past that you will see that vaginal cream for the beauty it is. Monistat cream has been universally applauded by makeup artists for its contribution to strong hair. Apply Monistat to damp hair and miconazole nitrate present in the cream will help in fixing the scalp flora that results in stunted hair growth and hair fall. 

3. Applying a concoction of cayenne pepper and vodka yields strong hair

To begin with, lot of people are allergic to cayenne pepper, so maybe don’t apply it straight after reading this. For the ones who know that they are not allergic to this pepper must keep in mind that this is going to be a brilliant irritant but that is because it stimulates blood flow. All you peeps who swear by vodka are in luck because you can add cayenne pepper to vodka and use it as a spray that yields strong hair.

4. Scalp massages is a foolproof way to reduce hair loss

A lot of us actually follow this regime, so it is sworn for. But one must remember to massage the occipitalis muscles, the fan-shaped muscles at the back of one’s scalp. The trick is to massage the frontalis muscles located between the hairline and eyebrows and brush all the way back to the scalp. It results in reducing hair loss. If you are unsure about this, refer to a traditional barber. Also, every man will vouch for this.

5. Use bone marrow to prevent hairfall

Okay, it is probably not as bad as it sounds. You don’t really have to fight out your dog for this. Bone marrow is a component in many conditioners and can be found in some vitamin pills as well or a quick visit to the butcher would do. You will have to melt 2 spoons of marrow and mix it up with oil and you are good to go. If you are still unsure, have faith in the Egyptians, where it is very popular, because we all know that they definitely know a thing or two when it comes to beauty. 

6. Catnip prevents split ends

Maybe you will have to fight it out with your cat for this. It is a scary prospect but hey, anything for good hair! This cat drug is rich in vitamins and we have to thank the source plant Nepeta Cataria for that. All you have to do is take 1 tsp of catnip and put it in 1 to 1 1/2 cups of hot water. Do not boil it. Let it sit for a while till the water cools down and you are good to use it. Catnip prevents split ends which is one of the most common causes of stunted hair growth.  

7. Use mayonnaise for soft and silky hair

Who knew that our favourite condiment is not all taste and no use?! That magical ingredient has been hiding in our fridge all this while and all we did was eat it. Mayonnaise stimulates hair growth and strengthens it too, but more than that it softens and smoothens hair as it is packed with egg yolks and l-cysteine. Apply mayo as you’d apply conditioner, put on a shower cap and leave it for 10-15 mins. Then wash your hair with a gentle shampoo.