What's your standard idea of a home for the elderly? A bunch of retired people discussing politics, knitting and gossiping over chai? What if I told you their lives are more happening than us?

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An 89-year-old Joan who is a resident of a care home requested a visit from an attractive man with 'a large chest and big biceps'.

To her surprise, the management granted her wish and amazed her with a stripper dressed as a fireman visited her and her friend Pauline in her care home. 

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After making an appearance, the stripper dazzled Joan and Pauline with dance and boosted their morale. Joan further added: 

I thought that he was amazing - I wish he could visit us every day! He made me feel like I was young again, I loved every second. 
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The manager of the care home, Sharlene Van Tonder, who made this happen, revealed that:

It’s fair to say this isn’t the typical kind of visitor we have at the home – but based on the response, he was one of the most popular. 
Source: Metro

Well, all I'm going to say is, these grannies have a more LIT life than I currently do. 

Watch the full video of Joan and Pauline's suprised reaction here: