Ever had a very serious conversation with the opposite sex about who remembers an event better? Well, we all have been there. But looks like when it comes to remembering things, women are a step ahead than men.  

A research group with the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have found out that women have better recollection of events as opposed to men. 

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But the research also found that memories are in different forms. While a female may remember a conversation better, a male is more likely to find his way back to the car. But women have an advantage since they have better episodic memory. 

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An episodic memory is quite sensitive. It helps us remember things such as what we did last week or whether we took our medication this morning. 


After looking at numerous episodic memory studies conducted over three decades, a researcher mentioned,

The results show that there is a slight female advantage in episodic memory, and that advantage varies depending on which materials are to be remembered. 

The study concluded that women do have the edge when verbal processes are involved in memory-making. This includes memories involving words, texts, objects, locations of objects and movies. They are also better at remembering faces and recalling sensory memories, such as smells. 


Men, on the other hand, are keen at remembering information that involves things like, how to find their way back from one location to another and also recollecting abstract images.  

So, if a woman tells you that what she thinks is right, she probably is.