Remember the times when mummy used to be behind our backs to clean our rooms and wash our own dishes when we were kids? And even though we’re all adults now, let’s just agree that we’re still not doing it.      

But what if we tell you that we can do all these ‘adult people’ chores and get a longer life too? 

study conducted in the US suggested that even light activities like folding clothes or sweeping the floor can help you live longer. It mentioned that women who spent about 30 minutes on light physical activities like folding clothes had a 12 percent lower risk of death compared to those who almost didn’t move.

This entire research was conducted on 6000 white, African-American and Hispanic women, who were between the age bracket of 63 to 99. 

It indicated that the mortality rate was even lower amongst people who regularly engaged in 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity. Their life expectancy rate was about 39 percent.   


The lead author of the study added, 

Doing something is better than nothing, even when at lower-than-guideline recommended levels of physical activity. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to show this. 

So if y’all are too lazy to hit that gym, remember what your mama said and fire that kaam wali aunty right now!