Are you in a bad mood or just PMSing? Are you planning to continue to work late hours after a baby? Can’t you take a joke without being defensive? Women get to hear such sexist remarks almost on a daily basis and each time, the words may seem casual and harmless to the person saying them but having to listen to such remarks at every random occasion is exhausting and annoying to a point that you start to pretend that you didn’t just hear that and it starts to blend into the background and becomes white noise. But a lot of times, it’s so subtle that women don’t even realise it because they have been conditioned since an early age to consider these remarks as a sort of truth, a “that’s how it is” thing. So when some men are huddled together in your living room and are talking, you might seem reluctant to ‘interfere’ in their conversation, thinking it’s impolite and it’s not your place to interfere.

People don’t even realize that such remarks, though not downright offensive but mildly sexist indeed and are, in fact, insensitive to the person being directed at. If you’re wondering what these statements are, have a look yourself at some of the things you might have heard down below. 

Here are all the things we say to a woman, that may not seem sexist on the surface, but when you start analysing them, are sexist indeed.

Design Credits: Rashi Khandelwal