The makers of Mastizaade have been upfront about what their film is – an adult comedy. Their trailer, their songs, their promotions have more than hinted towards the sexually explicit content of the film, so we guess that’s something to be thankful for. But one of their promotional tactics might have gone too far.

This contest stemmed from the popularity of the car washing scene from the movie’s song Rom Rom Romantic. When the actor went to the Bigg Boss house to promote the show, the women of the house also had to do a similar task, while the men (and Sunny) stood around, watching and dancing.

One of the people who sent in their entries for the contest was Riaz and, well, he won.

The official Twitter handle of the film then tweeted to him, asking for his details and telling him that Sunny will wash his car as a reward.

Now, here’s the thing. While we’re sure Sunny consented to this… innovative idea of promoting the film, we still cannot get over the WTF-ness of it. Was this contest really necessary? Why is only Sunny washing the car? Will she really wash this dude’s car? What will her co-stars, Vir Das and Tusshar Kapoor, do while she’s doing that? Will they help her? We can’t wait to watch that happen!

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