Yes, you heard that right.

According to Rajasthan’s Education Department’s monthly magazine, Shivira Patrika, women should sweep the house, and grind chakki to stay fit and healthy.


The 52-page November issue has a set of 14 instructions in a column titled, ‘Swasth Rehne Ke Saral Upay‘ (Simple Ways To Stay Fit), apart from educational essays. 

The column points out that apart from exercising, spending 10-15 minutes laughing and smiling is also a good exercise. 

Education Rajasthan

According to the magazine, the other ways that women can get fit is by grinding the chakki, churning butter, sweeping the house and spending some time playing with a kid. Basically, by doing ‘womanly duties’ a woman will be able to stay fit and healthy. 


Speaking with Hindustan Times, Nathmal Didel, the director, secondary education, and magazine’s chief editor, admitted that the domestic activities should not have been suggested as exercise specifically for women.


However, this is not the first time the Rajasthan education department is under fire. The physical education textbook for Class 10 advised kids to chant a mantra before eating their meals and it stated that eating meat is harmful to the body. 

We think it’s time the Rajasthan Education Department paid closer attention to what they’re teaching young kids.