Take This Quiz And We Will Tell You What Sexual Fantasy You Should Try In Bed

We are living in a post Fifty Shades of Grey Era and lets face it, those steamy sex scenes left us fanning our faces. Sadly, life is not a movie and we all don’t have a red room in our homes.

But that shouldn't stop any of us, should it? Sex doesn’t have to be your-drab-20-minutes-missionary routine everyday. I mean what are sexual fantasies for? Wink. Wink. And to add a little more excitement and thrill to your fantasies, Durex has launched three new condom flavours. The three flavours - Bubblegum, Wildberries and Vanilla Popsicle are super exciting and will make sure you #GoPlaces in bed. 

Wondering what sexual fantasy you should try out to spice things up? Take this quiz and find out.

What do you and your partner do during free time?

Are you a good listener?

I want my partner to...

Wackiest place you’ve had sex?

What is more important for you?

Your idea of a perfect date night


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