“She got the promotion!? We all know how THAT happened!”

“*INSERT GUY’S NAME* Can you teach her how to do this?”

“Are you still planning to work after your wedding?”

“How will you manage kids and work yaar?” Take a break no?”

These, and many more such blatantly sexist sentences, are pretty common if you’re a working woman in this country. Apart from juggling work and personal life, more often than not, you’ve also got to juggle with a lot of these silly remarks, no matter how progressive your company claims to be. 

Tanishq has been breaking these shallow stereotypes in their ads and doing a great job at it. In this new Mia by Tanishq ad, they are at it yet again! Watch Nandita Das break every stereotype about a working woman in India in this powerful video:

These really are the last things on our minds.