It’s 2019 and women today are the front runners of the music industry. Be it pop, rock or even grunge, the generation has a line of female icons to look up to. 

But think about 20 years back. How many pop-rock female artists do you remember from the time? Well, the answer would just be one. 

Avril Lavigne!


Lavigne came into our lives like a storm. With her grungy make-up, casual attire and super catchy music, she became one of the first female artists all us girls would look up to. 

This girl played the guitar, you guys! How cool was she.

It was not just about one song, all of her music was so likeable that we all started to memorize the shit out of those lyrics. 

In my case, I literally printed them and learnt it like it was in my exam syllabus. No regrets!

In addition to breaking all music records, she made us believe that life was not so ‘complicated‘ even though we didn’t know jackshit about what will hit us once we become adults, we totally bought every word she said. 

Then she came with these ‘jumping with our friends’ kinda songs like Girlfriend and Sk8er Boi and taught us that having crushes on someone and not like their weird girlfriends is totally sane. 

We’re so much better. Ammirite? 

But it was not just her cool punky songs. She knew how to hit us right in the feels with ‘I’m with you’ and ‘When you’re gone’. 

Seriously, if you didn’t sing these two songs in the shower and picture yourself in a dreamy Hollywood movie, were you even a 90’s kid? 

Avril Lavigne gave a whole generation of young girls the hope to be different and be whoever the hell they want to be without thinking twice. She was there for us at a time when we didn’t have a range of music apps and thousand of artists to listen to. 

Her influence has touched us in a way that is still incomparable and for that, we thank you, you punk goddess.