The practice of wearing a ghoonghat especially by the rural women of the country is something that has been followed since ages. 

But Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot expressed his displeasure at the practice as it is custom of the bygone era and is a hindrance in empowering women.

He mentioned at the 20th- anniversary function of Ekal Nari Sangathan that this custom of wearing a ghoonghat should be eradicated as soon as possible. 

Gehlot added

Time has changed now but the practice of ‘ghoonghat’ is still there in villages. What is right in confining a woman to ‘ghoonghat’? Women cannot progress till the ‘ghoonghat’ exists. Women are empowered. They have the capacity to bring changes in society and their role is very crucial. 

Netizens too appreciated the minister’s forward thinking. 

Gehlot also mentioned that his government is quite serious about crime against women and therefore he has appointed a senior police officer at the district level to monitor the same. 

Not just that, Gehlot also launched a book called ‘Badlav ki Misaal’- Ekal Mahilayen, which stressed on how single women are bringing a positive change in society.