I was born a girl. Is that MY fault?

I was supposed to be protected so they taught me to cover myself up at all points of time. 

We, women, are alerted. We are asked to hide. We are asked to be ashamed of ourselves for being ourselves. We are slut-shamed. We are sexualized. We are objectified.

We are conditioned to believe that hiding is the only way of life. And so, we grow up to believe just that. We have now become habituated to cover ourselves up in public. We believe that it is in fact our responsibility to protect ourselves by trying to be ‘less sexual’. What is that even supposed to mean?

ELLE and WEvolve Global have come up with a wonderfully crafted video which questions the stereotypical ideas of how men and women should behave and we believe this is a magnificent way to emphasize on gender equality. 

Watch it. 

Let us be. We should be able to wear what we want, do what we want. Our lives, our choices. Time we change these attitudes and claim our right and spaces.