They say, women are always their daddy’s little girls. But sometimes, those daddys end up saying the most insensitive things, hurting their little girls more than they’d imagine. 

Even though women are fighting for equality at work and in the society at large, they’re often found suffering from patriarchy in their own homes. Though it comes from a place of love, a father’s advice to his daughter isn’t always correct and often comes across as plain sexist. 

Putting a strict list of dos and don’ts for a girl in her 20s, especially if she’s independent and mature isn’t always a great way to show her your love. She’s sensible and knows what is right and wrong. She wants you to trust her and let her be. She wants you to not be like the rest of the world that’s hell-bent on binding her with age-old traditions! 

No matter how strong a father-daughter relation, it’s often just as vulnerable. What a father might think is ‘necessary’ is nothing but a shackle the daughter desperately wants to get away from. When guiding his daughter or even, chiding her for something she’s done, a father needs to be careful so as to not alienate his own child!  

Here are 16 things a girl in her 20s still has to hear from her daddy dearest:  

1. “Now that you have a job, it’s time to get married!”

2. “As long as you are living under my roof, you have to follow my rules.”


3. “Have you thought about your career? What do you want to do?”


4. “You are going to let us down in front of your in-laws if you don’t know how to cook!”


5. “It’s 9:30 p.m. When are you coming back home?”


6. “When elders are talking, younger ones should quietly listen.”


7. “You should not be wearing this. Go get some decent clothes!”


8. “Who was that guy you were talking to? Your boyfriend?”


9. “Stop spending all your money on shopping.”


10. “Achche ghar ki ladkiyan itni late ghar nahi aati!”

11. “Instead of always checking your phone, why don’t you help your mom in the kitchen?”


12. “Why do you have to go for a private job? A government job is better for you.”


13. “Show me your phone?”


14. “Girls your age should not have many guy friends.”


15. “Your in-laws will not tolerate this behavior!”


16. “What is the need for so many degrees? You won’t have to work after marriage anyway!”