As women, it’s truly shocking to see how a lot of men know so little about women’s bodies. I mean, a general lack of knowledge is harmless, but the way things are at the moment, it seems as though a lot of men are disinterested to know. So, for once and for all, for women everywhere who are tired of explaining to men over and over again about our bodies, here are a couple of things we found in this Reddit thread that men can definitely read up and learn from.

Take a look:

1. “Not every period is the same. One month will be horrible, another not so horrible.”


2. “Discharge. I’ve heard about several men accusing their wives/girlfriends of cheating because they found ‘cum’ in their underpants.”


3. “Women get random sharp shooting pains in their breasts and nobody knows why. It’s called mastalgia and it sucks.”


4. “Butthole cramps on our periods.”


5. “When the placenta detaches from the wall of the womb after giving birth so it can be delivered, it leaves a wound the size of a dinner plate, and this is a lot of why we bleed for so long after giving birth.”


6. “There is about an 80% chance that my tampon string is buried in my crack somewhere.”


7. “Pads are stuck to our underwear, NOT to our vaginas.”


8. “We CANNOT ‘hold’ our periods like pee. It’s physically impossible because we don’t control the sphincter muscle in our cervix.”


9. “Large boobs are really heavy and get in the way.”


10. “Apparently a LOT of men don’t know this, but tightness during sex is not a good thing.”


11. “After you give birth it’s really common to suffer from incontinence from then on. Even when your bladder seems empty. So don’t tell a woman that having a baby doesn’t have long-term effects on the body.”


12. “The urethra is above the vagina, but still in the lips!”


Please show sincerity and respect towards women by being better informed.