A lot of the time, we men assume that there are things poor women aren’t aware of. What would those poor damsels know of the evils of this world? Well, I hate to break it to you pal, we are evil in the world and they know!

1. When men think they can get away with casual sexism in the workplace because nobody can tell. 

Men think by avoiding a few chosen words here and there and being all liberal, they can mask the casual sexism in the workplace. That’s just not true. Women, who have literally lived through decades of sexism, practically since they got introduced to the world, can tell! It’s frankly obvious.  

So if there is an employee of yours you think can’t do the job, she knows!

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2. When men stare at women and think they are being sneaky. 

As a former bro, I am gonna lay it out straight to you. They know when they are being stared at. You know why? Because women have to be on high alert all the time. Also, when men stare, they stare like they own a woman like there are no consequences to it. So, it’s pretty damn obvious. There are viral Twitter threads about it.  

3. When men are with their partner/girlfriend/wife and still try to sneak a look at other people they find attractive, their partner/girlfriend/wife knows!

As a result of thousands of years of oppression and violence that has been inflicted upon women, they have developed somewhat of a spidey sense. And that extends beyond themselves. So you stared at that woman at the mall and thought your partner won’t know? This is so common they have a stock photo of the thing and it went viral. 


4. When men think women have no idea about the lies on their dating profiles. 

You are not a sapiosexual, man. Stop bullshiting on dating profiles. Literally, everyone can see through you. 


5. When men think women don’t know how many drinks they can handle? 

Alright, you creepy bastard, women see you, you know that, right? Honestly, what did you think would happen, someone would tipsy enough to fall for your sorry a** and hopefully make out with you? Well, you should know that women pretty much always know where to draw the line when it comes to alcohol. It’s why bar fights don’t usually feature women!

I mean, honestly, it’s men that can’t handle their drinks. Women, on the other hand, often have to hide the fact that they consume alcohol. They know just how much to drink and still behave normally. 

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6. When men step in to bargain (except at sabzi wala because apparently, that’s a woman’s job) thinking women don’t know what a good deal is.  

Really, you don’t think women know what cars or gadgets they want and need you to bargain for them? It’s actually pathetic that men crave that kind of validation. I mean, they already know what they want. How about you just go with it instead of being playing Birbal to their Akbar. Ain’t nobody asked you!


7. When men watching Football eventually ask the women if they know what the offiside rule is. 

FFS, Chintu. You play 5 on 5 in a park. Your expertise comes from playing FIFA on amateur. How about you just let the women enjoy the game, you massive twit.  


8. When men try to mansplain sports because they assume women don’t know. 

Oh, YoU OnLy LiKe HiM cOs He’S cUtE. 

-Random dude named Sankalp or something

Firstly, what is your problem with that? Secondly, how pathetic is it of you to assume women watch men’s sports for the same reason you watch women’s Tennis? Really, man. Just do better. 


9. When men think women don’t know what it is to be friendzoned. 

You’re right. They don’t. Because friendzone is an imaginary place where incels go to die. Your friends, irrespective of their gender, and how nice you are to them, DO NOT OWE YOU SEX, or emotional gratification, or whatever you are looking for. 


10. When men patronise women in a competition by going “easy” on them and think nobody notices. 

If you were playing well and then you suddenly decide to play shit, people will notice. It’s now eyes work, irrespective of gender, I assure you. Also, it’s difficult to assume if you have noticed, but being f**ked over by patriarchy for thousands of years can make your senses tingle when you are being patronised. It’s just evolution. 


11. When men talk about women and think women won’t know what they are talking about. 

Yeah, this might not be super clear to you but you indulge in locker room talk, your eyes and your body language resemble a metaphorical boner. And just like the actual boner, it’s very easily noticeable and not that good to look at!


12. When parents (dads for the purpose of this article) have a favourite kid and it’s the boy, guess what, the girl knows!

It’s pretty obvious. You spend all that money on his education and save up for her marriage. It’s a dead giveaway. Also, you are this parent, you impose other restrictions on the women in your family as well. So, there’s not a lot happening behind the screens really. 


There you go. It’s not that difficult to treat women as equals. That would honestly solve all the 12 problems here, since you won’t assume anything because you won’t be seeing them as inferior to you!