I am going to clarify this right off the bat- All mothers are working mothers. But in this article, when we say working mothers, we are referring to women who have children and have careers that they get paid for. Now, that’s out of the way, you know why you are here. Let’s go. 

1. You will get used to explaining what all the background noise was all about on zoom calls. 

Work from home means spending every living moment with small humans that have no responsibility and thus are happy and use that in their path of destruction. These evil beings do not care at all about peace and tranquillity. 

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2. No matter what you do, how hard you work at office and home, there will always be idiots telling you how you should give up your career to raise the kids right. 

Working moms will often be presented with examples of other working moms whose kids are bigda hua. Most of these examples are made up and are aimed to shame working mothers out of having a paying job. 


3. Interviewers asking how they plan to do their job and manage family life. 

Interestingly this same question is never asked of men. Because apparently the responsibility to raise children solely falls on the woman. Who would have thought? 


4. Working mothers take multitasking to a level we can’t even aspire to reach. 

Not that they should have to. And make no mistake, this isn’t a glorification. You only multitask when you are so burdened with work that you are left with no choice. Unfortunately, ‘the patriarchy’ thinks it’s brave to do so without ever being brave enough to try it out.  


5. Working mothers also have to listen to crap like, ‘If you husband/partner already earns enough, why do you need to?’

Because personal ambition is a real thing and the presence of a uterus doesn’t physically take that away, no matter how much we all would love to believe it does. 

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6. See those people in posters saying ‘ I walk in the rain so that no one sees me crying’? Yeah, that’s working moms. 

Because the moment they complain about one single thing, the whole world jumps on them asking them to quit their job at first notice. Funnily enough, nobody asks to put the child up for adoption. 


7. Working mothers have to be perfect all the time. 

As if they haven’t fought hard enough already, they simply can’t afford to be wrong. If they make one tiny mistake at home, it’s a signal to the realms that they should quit their job. If they make one tiny mistake at their jobs, it’s their bosses asking if they would be better served spending their time tending to children. 


8. Working mothers also end up with sniffles a lot. 

Those damn kids are messy, unhygienic, lego stepping, sand eating bastards. And they carry diseases of all kinds, which they then pass on to their mothers. 


9. Working mothers have no work-life balance.

How would they? Men in the family will wash the utensils once and then talk about it at parties for 5 years straight. Most Indian men and don’t get me wrong.. or do, IDC, are big babies. If you are an Indian mother with a job and a child, you have a mother with a job and two children. 


10. Working mothers will be put on pedestals and worshipped by men, who are fine just doing the worshipping on social media without ever lifting a finger to do any real work. 

That is just true. You will see a million posts about how men make better cooks but nobody will actually admit that we only cook once in a while and that doesn’t hold a candle to people who have to cook every day.


11. Working mothers’ jobs will always be held in lesser regard than their male partners, even if the former have more successful careers. 

No matter what they do or how much they make, people will always say crap like, ‘it’s just a hobby’. No, it’s not. 


If you love your mom, support her, no matter what. Appreciate the work she does, and remember, she wanted to do that job long before she chose to have you. Show her some damn respect.