If not for lockdown, we would have been planning celebrations for Mother’s Day. Maybe not much but things like dinner at a restaurant, road trip, etc. But since we are not doing any of these, this year, here are some amazing ideas that will make your mum feel special and smile wide amid all the negativity around.

1. Make her favourite breakfast.


2. Write a short poem and recite it to her.

3. Ensure that she doesn’t have to do any chores for a day at least.


4. Watch a movie together to spend some quality time with her.

5. Do some fun activity together.


6. Surprise her with sticky notes saying you love her and why all over the house.

7. Tell her in person why you love her so much.

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8. Create a little scrapbook or a compilation of your pics with her.

9. Do some cooking together where you do most of the work.

10. Have afternoon tea with her. It’s a Sunday.

11. Clean up your room because that would make her happy. Also, how about decorating hers?


12. Make a card for her with a drawing that will bring a smile on her face.

13. Pamper her by giving her a nice oil champi. She does it always. It’s your turn now.

14. Order something she always wanted to buy but didn’t.

15. Talk to her.

If you are away, let this phone call be the longest. If you are lucky to live with her at the moment, put your phones away and giver her all the attention she deserves.

Remember, the key is to tell her how precious she is. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.