“Jo karna hai, shaadi ke baad karna!”

If you’ve heard this from your parents more than a zillion times, then, congratulations for you have entered the entitled group of people subjected to the marriage paradox by Indian parents. 

Indian parents have an undeniable symbiotic relationship with marriage, one that’s filled with love but certainly without much logic. 


Though my parents and I have always had a pretty understanding relationship, ever since I have reached what they fondly call the ‘marriageable age,’ it seems that there are multiple things I am doing wrong with my life and marriage is supposed to miraculously solve them all. 

In fact, even though I am supposedly ‘ready’ to spend the rest of my life with a stranger, there are so many things that I still need to meekly ask permission for:

1. Holidays 

Do marriage certificates come with with travel permission slips as well?


2. Eating whatever I want 

Yes, fruits and vegetables will make my skin glow and hair shine. But will I not have to eat them after marriage because I’d be with a guy already? Mission accomplished, is it?


3. Decorating my room the way I like it 

Mom, I swear ‘Jonas Brothers’ was a phase, but the poster of the quote ‘wild and free’ is coming with me, even if I smuggle it with my trousseau.


4. Returning late at night after office or parties

My would-be husband won’t be a glorified chauffeur, right? I have honestly heard the question “how are you coming home?” more number of times than I’ve heard my mom say “I love you!”


5. Choosing to focus on my career

As per my parents, a solid career does not help my future. What I need is a husband’s stamp of approval instead.


 6. Not cooking

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? I am pretty sure he’ll love me just as much if I get him discount deals on Zomato! 


. Getting tattoos 

Because what if the guy I get doesn’t like tattoos? That’s their biggest nightmare come true!


8. Wearing what I want

He’s my husband, not my bodyguard, and definitely not someone who has the ability to stop lingering gazes anymore than I do. Shorts in summers are survival necessities.


Mom I love you, and I know that you care for me and are only looking out for me. And it’s not like you never give permission, because you do! 

But if, by some invisible clock, I have reached the mental, physical and social age to get married, then I am pretty sure I can manage half the things on the list above. 

What are the things that you still don’t get permission for? Let us know in the comments section below!