Our leaders have a lot of suggestions as to what can be done to prevent rapes, and very rarely do they have to do with the ones committing the crime. The onus is almost always put on the victim/survivor and they are told what to do not be molested. Or more specifically what NOT to do. Here are some such pieces of advice. 

1. Not go to a deserted place, because if you do, you somehow become responsible for the act.

2. Not be on a beach without informing parents.

Rape should not happen, period. No matter what the age of the girl/woman is, no matter what she is wearing, no matter where she is, no matter who she is with. To say that parents should “introspect” and that the kids “don’t listen” is beyond disgusting and irresponsible. 

3. Not talk on the phone.

“All this happens due to negligence by mother”. No words.

4. Not be alive. 

The minister here thinks that the second attempt of molestation cannot be made towards a woman, not because the state will do something about her complaint, also not because justice will be delivered, but because she will kill herself before it happens.

5. Not interact freely with men.

6. Not stay unmarried for too long.

7. Not be un-sanskaari. 

8. Not watch cinema or TV.

Sometimes, it feels like there is no hope.