Anything that you do out of love, responsibility, or just the fact you like doing it–is seen merely as ‘haan toh kaunsi badi baat hai?’ Every women must have heard this at least once in their lifetime. Isn’t it? I personally can vouch for that. But, an acknowledgement can work wonders for us cos we surely deserve it.


Let’s delve more into it. 

Situation 1: If you are a single parent by choice:
Society: So, what’s the big deal about it? You chose this life ab sambhalo khud. 

Situation 2: If you are married to a mamma’s boy who can’t even do basic chores:
Society: This is your job to take care of your husband, why do you need its credit?

Speaking of credit, A Redditor asked the same question: What is something you think women don’t get enough credit for? And oh boy, the answers are still rolling.

For showing up everyday and doing the same thing as men in schools and work places while menstruating, recovering from childbirth, going through menopause, etc. and yet asking only for equal opportunities  


The ridiculous difficulty for working mothers who pump breast milk. I was SAHM and just nursed and IDK how anyone manages to work and pump


Recognition, credit and promotions in a workplace


Childbirth- yes, they get credit, but no where near enough, in my opinion


Living in a world of violent, misogynistic and controlling men i.e. mass shooters, politicians, rapists, pedos, and abusers that we must interact with, physically serve, and sometimes carry their children with no other option


There are several areas where women are not acknowledged enough for the work that they do and workplace is one of them where their capabilities are judged. Let’s bring a scientific proof into the picture: 

study by the University of Delaware published in journal ‘Science Daily’ claims that women get lesser credit than men at workplace. The research suggested how things change when a woman speak up with ideas versus a man doing the same. Kyle Emich, an assistant professor, who was a part of the study, said that men, who point out to bring a change in their team, gain respect from their teammates, however, this is not the case for women. Female employees, who voice out their opinions on the same topic, aren’t given more respect than those women who don’t speak at all.

We thought you should remember when Shah Rukh Khan spoke about the need to recognise the efforts of women in film industry. 

They work harder, they look better, they make the film stick together and I honestly think sometimes, they do not get the due credit that they deserve



Can we have our own SRK versions in every field, please?

We don’t get enough credit. We never have. From enduring pain to being the brains behind some of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time, we have been overlooked. But the time, they are a changing, and we ain’t gonna no more!