Women who have ventured out to party in clubs have undoubtedly at some point felt uneasy due to a creepy Tinder date or a random stranger bothering them at the bar. 

Sadly, women deal with these on a regular basis to the point that cowering in club restrooms has nearly become normal. And often, a stranger in there would come to comfort you. I’ll tell you what, drunk girls in nightclub restrooms are the kindest people in the world. Even if this is wonderful, a twitter user revealed a gesture made by a club that appears to be even better.

Sharing a photo of a poster that was hanging in the women’s restroom, the user highlighted how the brand made sure that the female patrons felt secure by offering ‘angel shots’.

Naturally, the creative and easy trick they pulled impressed several Twitter users, who couldn’t stop admiring the act.

Earlier this year, the online community couldn’t stop cheering a bartender for making a simple move that protected a female customer. Laura Motta posted on Twitter about how a quick-witted staff had been able to send a discreet message to safeguard her from a man at the bar.

Little deeds matter a lot.