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Whether it was the squash player Dipika Pillai boycotting the national championship for unequal prize money or Indira Nooyi raising her voice against still having to fight for getting equal pay, if you are a working woman, you might have experienced that it still persists. Sadly, the situation has been normalised to the point that a lot of people don’t even think of it as an issue.

Did you know an average woman earns only 78% of what a man earns for the same work? 

To burst this bubble, Reebok’s new video urges women in the workforce to fight back for what’s right, in this case, equal pay for both men and women. Kangana Ranaut is shown as the inner voice that asks women to roar like a lion if they want the lion’s share. Equal pay is not something we should need to ask for, it’s something we truly deserve. Check out the inspiring TVC below.

And if you too had to face something similar and you fought back, then send your story to kangana.ranaut@reebok.in and get felicitated by Kangana Ranaut herself. #Girl’sDon’tFight.

You can also share your stories on social media using the hashtag #FitToFight and inspire others to follow suit.