I was just swiping through my Insta feeds when I came across this heartwarming and wholesome anecdote posted on Share To Aware. 

The story revolved around a girl– Momina Naveed who went to the mall with her father to buy lipsticks. 


After swatching and removing various shades, she couldn’t manage to completely wipe off the lipstick stains and the back of her hand ended up looking like bruise marks. Which is honestly very common. 


Looking at the state of her hand, a teenage boy confused the residue of lipstick swatches for bruises and motioned her to come to a corner. 

The 15/16-year old boy then offered his hand and asked her if she needed help ‘getting away’ from someone. 


After she explained to him that the marks were just leftover lipstick stains, the boy was convinced that everything was ok. 

Tom Ford

Momina Naveed– the girl with the lipstick stains was very touched by this helpful gesture. She gave a shout to the wholesomeness of this random teenage boy who thought that she was in trouble. 

Imagine a teenage boy who’s a total stranger, gathering the courage to stand with you in your fight against domestic violence. Read the entire story here: 

Netizens applauded this young gentleman for his wokeness and valour. 

This is the budding change that we wish to see.