Sponsored by Big Bazaar

Women’s Day is here and it’s that time of the year when you are bombarded with tonnes of forwarded messages. Ones that speak of the spirit of women, the strength of women but none that stay in our minds or truly explain us the real meaning of the day. How often do we really introspect and try to realize what the women in our life actually stand for? 

Whether it’s your maa, your teacher or even the hostel didi, each one has left a significant imprint to make you the kind of person that you are. The bigger lessons by grandma or the tiny little gestures by your baby niece, all add up to make our lives as complete as they could be. And it’s time we recognize the different elements each of these women bring and thank them for being there for us. This heartfelt video by Big Bazaar rightfully attempts to do just that for all such wonderful people who deserve every ounce of gratitude. Give it a watch and thank those special women in your lives.