Getting plastic surgeries has become increasingly normal as people sought out to become more comfortable in their own skin. 

Camilla Coleman Brooks, a 26-year-old model from North Carolina, decided to get a forehead reduction surgery and this is the first time we’ve heard of such a thing!


The model shared her journey on Instagram and spoke about how the surgery was performed. 

She also shed light on how she had always been insecure about her forehead size and made this decision after years of careful consultation. Camilla described this forehead reduction surgery, saying they make an incision right at your hairline, and then they lift up your scalp a bit and see how far they can move it, depending on the elasticity of your skin. They make another incision where they see how far down they can pull your scalp, and then they cut out the middle part and they stitch it back together.

Though she received some hate, Camilla’s followers are still hyping her up:

She documented her journey after the surgery and spoke about her insecurities, saying she always wore bangs because she didn’t want to see her own forehead. However, her (mental) glow up post surgery proves that you can love your body, and still choose to change it, and as long as the decision is yours, no one has the right to hate on it!  

All images are from Camilla’s Instagram account.