In association with Bandhan Bank

We’ve always seen how certain jobs and roles have always been assigned to certain genders. As kids we were told that girls play with dolls and wear pink while boys should play football outside and ride bikes. These and many other silly gender roles have somehow defined how boys and girls (and later men and women) look at themselves and limit themselves. 

This is why we loved the message that this new video from Bandhan Bank is spreading on Women’s Day. 

The video shows a couple discussing plans for how they want to raise their unborn child. 

The husband is telling his wife how he wants the child to grow up to swim at three years old, ride a bike at 16, go for late night parties at 18, and at 20 their kid would drive them around in their car.

The wife assumes, because of the activities mentioned, that her husband is talking about a boy, only to realise that he’s talking about having a girl and that he doesn’t care about these narrow gender roles. 

This Women’s Day we should take a pledge not to restrict our children just because of their gender. The first step towards meaningful change is to change our mindset and it’s hight time we did that. Parents and society as a whole should empower women to do whatever activity they choose and not be limited by their gender. And we all need to do is to tell people around us – #SochBadlo. Which is why we love this amazing video by Bandhan Bank. Watch the full video below.