The first thing a newborn needs is to be fed by his/her mother, but what happens if somehow that isn’t possible?

According to reports, In Kolkata, a newborn girl who was crying out of hunger was breastfed by a hospital nurse as the baby’s mother didn’t start lactating yet. 

Times Of India

The nurse, who had given birth to a baby recently, was serving in the night shift at the labour post-operative ward at  RG Medical College and Hospital on Thursday when she heard the cries of the hungry baby. The nurse couldn’t bear to witness a newborn crying like that for milk so she decided to do so herself. 

Times Now

Reports mentioned that the mother of the child had a C-section, thus she couldn’t start feeding her child as she didn’t start lactating. Usually, other new mothers in the maternity ward help a child out when something like this happens. But due to the Covid-19 scare, other mothers were apprehensive. 

India TV

The new mothers apprehension was also reasonable since at least 30 pregnant women have tested positive for COVID-19 in different hospitals in the city.     


However, doctors have claimed that even if a woman or her newborn baby is infected with the virus, the baby can still be breastfed with proper precautionary measures.