Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about this subreddit, Am I The Asshole (AITA). In this thread, people share their juiciest scenarios, where they are unsure if they behaved in the right manner or if they behaved like an asshole.

Last week, a woman, who goes by the username xoxo76757, wanted to get an opinion on if she was wrong for not letting her mother-in-law sleep in her own master bedroom. That’s correct!

The 26-year-old woman got married to her 34-year-old husband just nine months ago and last week, her mother-in-law visited them unexpectedly. According to her, her MIL has no respect for her son’s as well as her privacy. She explained:

“When it was time to go to bed, my mother-in-law requested that we let her sleep in our bedroom, on the master bed. Not just that, but she also wanted to lock the door as apparently can’t feel comfortable enough to sleep without locking the door. I found this bizarre and I politely declined and even suggested other options like the guest room, couch and air mattress. However, she turned around and presented these options to me. This initiated an argument between her and me. During the argument, I pointed out how I didn’t want to be kept out of my own room and away from my stuff but she lashed out at my husband saying “don’t you just stand there, say something”. My husband told me to let her be in our room since it’s just one night, but I told her that those were all the options I had for her and if she didn’t like them then I could book her in a hotel. She took it as in I was kicking her out and started crying which made my husband upset.”

After this, her mother-in-law left at midnight and her husband got really upset with her since she ‘disrespected’ and treated her mother poorly. He then kept reminding her that it is their bedroom and not just hers. He also said that she acted horribly and it caused his mother to go stay at a hotel in the middle of the night. He then booked a room in the same hotel as her and even switched his phone off. The next day she went home and told their entire family, who called her behaviour towards her MIL abhorrent and loathsome, about the incident. Now that her husband is constantly complaining about how she keeps trying to ruin his relationship with his family and push them away, she wants an opinion from the people on the subreddit, to know if her behaviour was wrong or not.

While some people found the incident funny, some were seriously pissed with her husband for not taking a stand for his wife. Here’s what people had to say:

1. “Girl, I would get a divorce asap. This kind of relationship never lasts for a long time. He is not able to see the disrespect his mother is giving to BOTH of you guys. Run!”

– byuell

2. “I’m a guy and I love my mother, but I’m not letting her sleep in my bed. She’d never even ask because she knows that’s invading privacy.”

– TenderOctane

3. “You might show your husband this post and the responses. He is flat out delusional if he thinks you’re the problem. There are only 2 assholes in this situation and that is your husband and his mother.”

– Trixie-applecreek

4. “Mom wanted to go through their stuff without interruption. She wanted to snoop.”

– hdmx539

5. “I wouldn’t say ‘divorce’ immediately but yeah, the alternative to a divorce is to set the boundaries in stone right now.”

– massa0000

6. “She’s a guest, not the freaking queen.”

– Street-Week-380

7. “It’s never just one night when it comes to a pushy family. This would be the standard now with the precedent set for every time she visited.”

– ianna9

8. “Not to mention, she was a GUEST. GUESTS STAY IN THE GUEST ROOM, THAT’S WHY THEY EXIST! OP, if you don’t get out now, worse things are going to happen, I can promise you that.”

– Financial_Mess_1397

9. “She also wanted to pee on her property (her son) and remind OP that she still controls him. Super messed up family dynamics. I’d call a lawyer and GTFO.”

– The_Nice_Marmot

10. “I wouldn’t demand the master bedroom even if there wasn’t a guest room. That’s bizarre no matter how much space they have.”

– sparksgirl1223

Ah, the family drama!