We’ve all seen those ridiculous, over-exaggerating statements that sanitary napkin ads make. Yes, the ones that show a pad being thrown in a big pool, and sucking dry the water of the pool. Seriously, guys? And how can we forget the ads where a girl is empowered to run or jump fences for a social cause because she just changed her pad. *Slow claps*

If that wasn’t enough, the blood shown in these ads is some blue gel. 

Which women’s blood is blue for God’s sake?

If this was a pun on being blue-blooded, then guys you really need to up your pun game. Also, I’m pretty sure you get red gel too, then why this secrecy? 

Well, all of that is about to change because this ad by Bodyform shows it all; how a woman truly bleeds, but doesn’t stop despite that. This is about the blood, the gore, the difficulties, the cramps, everything that most sanitary pads don’t show.

Watch the brilliant ad here:


Now this is how we bleed!