I was scrolling through my ‘Gram when I came across a 90-year-old fashionista’s profile who goes by Bad Lil Baddie on the network. Now, my mind is officially blown. 

I’m here for her confidence with a side of sassy caption.

Her pretty in pink outfits are giving me major Elle Woods vibe.

Can we please appreciate how on fleek her pout is? 

And excuse me, can we please acknowledge how killer her printed tees with the empowering messages are? 

In an age where the society expects people to “mellow” down, she’s slamming these stereotypes with her badassery with a side of a resting b*tch face vibe. Teach me, sensei. 

And these looks are giving me major chill vacay vibes, she makes getting old look so relaxing and graceful.

Those quirky, statement accessories are the real deal. Her clothes are definitely brighter than my future. 

While millennial’s are chilling in their sweatpants, this 90-year-old fahsionista is slaying all the ongoing trends with her confidence and style.  

Now, I don’t know about y’all but Bad Lil Baddy has taught me how to not give a damn about people and just be yourself.